About Broadwater Oysters

Broadwater Oysters is on Pambula LakeBroadwater Oysters is an award-winning oyster farming and processing business in Pambula Lake, on the Far South Coast of NSW.

Oysters, like wine & cheese, have a distinct flavour, depending where they are grown.

Pambula Lake oysters have a smooth, subtle flavour influenced by the water they are produced in. The clean, clear waters of the lake are a combination of fresh water moving down the Pambula and Yowaka rivers, and tidal exchange from the Pacific Ocean – perfect for the production of the finest Sydney Rock Oysters.

Pambula Lake is the perfect environment for oyster growingOysters have been farmed here for over 100 years. This estuary is the perfect environment for oyster growing and this has been confirmed through awards and accolades worldwide. Broadwater Oysters won a gold medal at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards in August 2009, following up on silver medals in 2008.

You can visit Broadwater Oysters on Pambula Lake foreshore to talk to farmers about oyster production and watch oysters being freshly opened for local restaurants and the public to enjoy.

You can eat your freshly opened oysters outside by the lake or we can pack them for you to take away.

Broadwater Oysters is owned and operated by Greg Carton and Sue McIntyre. We have been farming Sydney Rock oysters in Pambula Lake for 12 years, supplying opened, unopened and bottled oysters to the general public and restaurants.