Frequently asked questions

How do I store my UNOPENED (unshucked) oysters?

Our home deliveries receive a hessian bag. After checking your oysters, place them in the bag, dampen the bag & place back in the box.

Leave the box open slightly so they have some air. If you have purchased your oysters straight from the lake, pop them in a bowl & cover with a damp tea-towel or damp newspaper. Please don’t put your unopened Sydney Rock Oysters in the fridge.

How long will UNOPENED (unshucked) oysters keep?

Select a location to store your Sydney Rock Oysters with constant temperatures, ideally 10-20oC, until you’re ready to serve them (eg in the laundry sink).

Our unopened oysters will keep for 10-12 days if properly stored. During the summertime this reduces to 7-10 days, as the oysters are fatter and have less room to trap water in their shells. Please don’t store unopened oysters on ice, in fresh water or in the fridge.

How long will OPENED oysters keep?

Oysters taste the best when they are at their freshest. Open & serve them straight away if possible. Keep opened oysters covered in the fridge for a maximum of 1-2 days.

Oyster condition?

The appearance and flavour of our oysters will change with the seasons, ranging from fat & creamy in summer to lean & herbaceous in winter. You can expect Broadwater Oysters to have a fresh, mild & salty fragrance with clear liquid around the meat and a plump core.

Remember to discard any oysters that have already started to open, if any smell pungent or overpowering, or if any look shriveled & dry when you shucked them. We’ve sent you a couple of extra oysters just in case this happens.

How do I shuck and oyster?

Place oyster inside a folded tea towel keeping the hinge exposed. Place the tip of knife at hinge, use slight pressure to get the tip into hinge. Twist left-to-right, applying pressure.

Once through the hinge, use the knife to gently knife split the shells apart. Slide the knife along the top shell to cut the muscle.

To remove oyster from the bottom shell, scrape the knife across the base of the shell to cut the muscle underneath.

Try not to spill too much of the delicious liquor as you do this. Check out Sue's video on how to shuck on our main FAQ page.

Do you have more shucking tips?

Don’t forget that our farm is open to visitors and offers tasting plates of our oysters and produce and our region.You can also book a farm tour & shuck school. We’d love to see you soon. Also, check out Sue’s shucking video on our main FAQ page.

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