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Oyster Production


Broadwater Oysters have been growing and processing the magnificent Pambula Lake oysters for over 20 years. We supply our Sydney Rock Oysters as either opened, unopened and bottled oysters. You can find us halfway between Eden and the village of Pambula, on the foreshore of Pambula Lake on the stunning Sapphire Coast of NSW. 

Award Winning

Sydney Rock Oysters

The Sydney Rock Oyster is a native species to Pambula Lake. They are a bi-valve mollusc that can change sex during their lives, usually beginning life as a male and maturing into a female.

During the warmer months of the year the oysters spawn and form spat (baby oysters) that are carried on the tide for a number of weeks before it is time to settle in the intertidal zone.

Traditionally spat would settle on rocks along the lake foreshore. We put out catch structures, called slats, to collect the spat. The young oysters are removed from the slats after approximately 9 months. Once the oysters are removed from the slats they will be put into cylinders or baskets to continue growing. The young oysters do not re-attach, but move around inside the containers with wind and tidal activity.
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Spat Slats

Catch Structures called slates are put out to catch the spat.

Intertidal Zone

We grow in the intertidal zone, which strengthens their abductor muscles and creates the long shelf life for which Sydney Rock Oysters are famous


Broadwater Oysters are 3 to 3½ years old by the time they are ready to harvest

Water Quality

The oyster farmers of Pambula Lake conduct extensive water quality monitoring and shellfish testing.

Flip Farm System

Flipping Farming to Sustainability

Proudly funded by the NSW Government through the Regional NSW - Election Commitments Fund: Bushfire Industry Package - Sector Development Grants

FlipFarm is more than just an efficient growing system, it is the catalyst to a new way of thinking. FlipFarm takes efficiency and equipment resilience to a level never seen before in oyster farming. An ingenious mix of simplicity and design, FlipFarm provides an ideal environment for oyster growth, conditioning and hardening along with the ability to have complete control over bio-fouling, pests and predators. FlipFarm, the world’s first and finest semi-automated oyster growing system.